Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are pax jets equipped with infra red fire detectors in cabin or cargo area?

Potential fires need to be detected fast on aircraft. Some people find this topic too horrific to consider or discuss but Improvements to safety in a relatively safe industry are desirable. One does not need to look into the history of air travel very far to locate serious and fatal fire events and total hull losses.Are pax jets equipped with infra red fire detectors in cabin or cargo area?
When the fire detection system detects smoke and heat, Halon is released to smother the fire. Airplanes can tolerate this condition for a long time- one of the requirements for overwater flight is having enough Halon bottle capacity to keep a fire smothered for the duration needed to return to land from the maximum overwater distance- 3 or 4 hours.Are pax jets equipped with infra red fire detectors in cabin or cargo area?
Do you have nothing to do besides come up with these absurd bits of rant. Do us all a favor and shut down your computer for a while.
yes they have some kind of sensor in the cargo sections what in short they do is suck the oxygen out the compartment and the pilot looks for an airport can be hours away without any problems just do not have any pets in the cargo pits it happened two years ago LAX to HNL they landed in SFO then continue on same aircraft matches rubbing together is what started it
';Pax jet';? Is that a new kind of jet engine?
Stutt, your concern should be not the results of the fire, but the cause of the fire. If there is a true fire in the cargo hold, the chances are that everyone will be dead before the aircraft can make a safe landing.

The aircraft is going to be at least 15+ minutes away from a suitable airport in an internal flight, taking into account descent time, and in a longer hail flight, very long.

If there was a fire on board, it would have caused far too much damage to the planes control structures, cabin etc within these 15 minutes to really land safely. You have maybe a few minutes at most to land

But anyway, how many major air accidents have there been down to fires in the cabin or cargo area. You seem to have a bit of an obsession with 'pax aircraft fires'. There are far more addressable issues which could easily save more lives.
I retired as a pilot 10 years ago and at that time they did not. There is a smoke detector in the cargo bay but it is not IR. If someone emails you with more current info, I would enjoy hearing about it.

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