Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?

The military TRAINS pilots to fly MILITARY aircraft on MILITARY missions.... yes, that includes some cargo pilots (truck-drivers). HOWEVER, military pilots are NOT qualified by the FAA to fly private or commercial aircraft.

Military pilots DO love to leave the service and TRY to GET jobs in the commercial passenger / cargo field... they have to get their FAA Certification on their OWN DIME... but their military flight time DOES count.

One of MY pilots (Navy, Helicopter) got hired by FedEx when he left... it cost him quite abit to build up the multi-engine time and get his commercial tickets.Does the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?
Yes Lots of commercial pilots are ex RAFDoes the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?
The military DOES NOT produce (?) civilian pilots. They train military pilots to fly military aircraft for military missions.

Once the pilots leave the military, they are free to apply for employment in any field they choose, including flying civilian airplanes, but they will need more training in order to qualify for that position.
It's the natural progression for military pilots to move to the private sector, with a considerable salary increase. Except in the US, where new pilots barely earn enough to live on, apparently.
ex military pilots become civilian pilots.

there are many aspects of the airforce in which pilots operate different planes, i.e. cago, troop transport.. etc.
They produce military pilots.

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