Thursday, December 10, 2009

What kind of cargo does a train usually transport?

What kind of cargo does a train usually transport?

What about Air planes?

Thanks a lot.What kind of cargo does a train usually transport?
Apples to zebras, we haul it all.

Look around you ... .. most everythign you see is moved via freight train.

We haul entire Boeing 737 fusealges from a plant in the midwest to the west coast, although they dont have the wings, they are pretty impressive anyway. They need two flatcars coupled permantnely together.

Back in the cold war days we would haul solid rocket engines to the missile bases at Malmstrom AFB, they were accompanied by armed guards in a special armored caboose, we didnt mess with those loads.

The materials for the house you are in, appliances, clothing, food, even the computer you are sitting at, all are hauled by train.

Your automobile and the fuel it burns, the road building equipment and materials.

The list of things we dont haul is very very short.What kind of cargo does a train usually transport?
Rango is correct although i've never got to haul Zebras.I stood to catch the Ringling Brothers circus train twice and neither time got it.Airplanes haul a wide variety of cargo too,but not near as diverse as trains do.I have hauled small planes, helicoptors and 747 engines.
Anything and everything. Bulk materials, food products, building materials, heavy machinery, military troops, army tanks, perishable fruits, automobiles, nuclear reactor vessels. Anything and everything.

EDIT: Airplanes and airplane components are frequently carried by freight trains. The answerer who says they are not is confused.
Nope no air planes. They usually fly those.
Every consumer item in your house and office.

Ex railway
  • Electric Bicycle
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