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What kind of care is provided for dogs in tha cargo area of an 9 hour plane ride?

I have a five pound puppy, will she survive?What kind of care is provided for dogs in tha cargo area of an 9 hour plane ride?
It is pressurized and temperature controlled that is itWhat kind of care is provided for dogs in tha cargo area of an 9 hour plane ride?
If it is a short nose bread, ie Boxer, the airlines usually dont want to cargo hold them, if at all possible not to stress out or kill your dog';loss of cargo hold pressure'; take him on board , I believe Delta may allow dogs on board in the cabin in a carrier, if he is small enough and will fit as a carry on they may allow him in front of u on the floor.
they dont receive necessarily and ';care'; they are almost handled like cargo. If you want your pup inside and if airplane space allows you will have to pay a fee for them to be inside in a airline approved carrier.

I had a pup shipped to Indiana from Florida and they would only allow the pup in a carrier and they would not ship it at all in the cargo area during the winter months.
If you have a five pound puppy, you should be able to carry her on with you. Most airlines will allow it as long as she is in an approved carrier that can fit under the airplane's seat. Check with your airline before putting her in cargo in the winter. Better yet, don't fly with her unless absolutely neccessary.
I am copying an answer I posted to another question about this from yesterday.I am giving you my experience as a vet tech. At my hospital we got asked for recommendations to allow pets to fly. As I said:

I don't recommend it. If you're going somewhere now, she will most likely die from the cold temperatures in the cargo hold.

Our hospital had a letter of 'non-committal' that we would give to owners that wanted to take their dogs on a plane. The airlines wanted the vets to GUARANTEE that the dogs were fit to travel and could survive the cold temperatures. Our vets would not commit to that because that puts the liability on them and not the airlines, so if the dog dies en route, the airlines are absolved of any wrongdoing, and the vet gets sued because they said the dog was ok to fly.

Many pets die in flight, but it's bad PR so it's swept under the rug.

Call the airline and ask them about a 5 # puppy. They may not allow a puppy that small in the cargo hold.


Former Vet Tech

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