Thursday, December 3, 2009

What can i wear with my green cargo pants?

I have green bootcut, flared cargo pants. they look boyish and casual. However, i want a more feminine/ glam outfit, so what can i wear as a top?What can i wear with my green cargo pants?
I love cargo pants with layered color tanks.

Example: Camo cargos pants with a black and dark green tank(black underneath green on top)

So with green cargo I would wear a black ribbed tank, a beige Cami, or a dark brown ribbed tank.

You can also wear tube tops! Tan, brown.....

Layering is very in!!!

Wear a twist necklace from Claire's with a combination of colors! Wear a jungle-like bracelet. You would look AMAZING!

With charcoal brown eyeliner for the smokey look and a light eyeshadowWhat can i wear with my green cargo pants?
white t
a white you green tank
A white tank or fitted top. But o.m.f.g if thatz u in ur avatar then please oh please wear me ALL over your body.
an off-white cami
well dont try to do a fem outfit with boyish pants duh :P

try a golden tank top. NO STILETTOS.
Spice it up with a cute tank. Add some heels. Not high heels or anything overly ornate, just keep it simple. You don't want the pants to seem out of place. Have fun.
a white tank top.
Gray tank tops are HOT!!!
gold is nice, but i like a white tshirt with something very coulorful on it. I have some and i wear this white tshirt with a pretty colorful design on it, that has a little bit of the same green to macth
a tan tube top that go past your know the longer shirts. or a white v neck shirt w/ elbow length sleeves. Top it off with a cute brown bangles and a long brown and green beaded necklace.
I would go with a sequined top. There are several out there that are cute, not too overly dressy. If you go with a plain tank top, you can add some jewelry to dress it up.
white or green i goes a little bit.
Black tshirt with rinestones.
What your wearing in your pic is good as a top for your cargo pants
a fitted beige top
nice white top with some cool shoes with a little heel and some nice jewlery
a sparkly white strap top, one with thin straps and some sequins to glam up the outfit

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