Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?

The military DOES NOT produce (?) civilian pilots. They train military pilots to fly military aircraft for military missions.

Once the pilots leave the military, they are free to apply for employment in any field they choose, including flying civilian airplanes, but they will need more training in order to qualify to fly specific civilian airplanes.Does the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?
Yes They have lots of cargo /transport planes and always need pilots to be trained to fly them ..

RAF , NAVY and ARMYDoes the military produce commercial or cargo pilots?
Not directly, however many RAF pilots go on to fly cargo and passenger airliners. My old rugby mate used to fly Hercules in the RAF. After leaving he retrained and flew freight aicraft for a while, then went on to fly passenger aircraft for Freddy Laker. After further spells flying for British Midland and a private individual he ended up flying for Virgin and was, last time I heard, Virgin's senior pilot flying out to the Far East. That was a few years ago, so he may have retired now.
Being that a service person can usually only serve for 22 years, they may only be early 40s when they retire. Commercial flying can still hold a fruitful career for them; so it is very common to see ex-RAF pilots in commercial airliners. They would still need to complete conversion or type training to familiarise themselves with the aircraft (having sucessfully obtained an ATPL in the first place).
They do both, but also depends on what Aircraft type they have been trained on.
Their skills are easily transferable, so indirectly they do.
pilots that leave the forces sometimes find them selves flying is what they love and yes go into the commercial or cargo industry.
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