Sunday, November 29, 2009

How baggy should cargo pants be on a guy?

I have a pair of cargo pants that I never wear because I feel like they are too baggy. The problem is the area around my calf and shoe area. How baggy should they be? I like to look nice and not wear clothes that are too baggy. The waist and all of that area fit perfect.How baggy should cargo pants be on a guy?
You don't want the pants to be so baggy that the pant cover more than half of your shoe. If you like to look nice, then cargo pants probably aren't right for you..How baggy should cargo pants be on a guy?
Pants aren't meant to be baggy at all. they are meant to be worn above your waist and if there to big, then I'd suggest you wear a belt simple as that. But, if you were to wear them baggy, then the lowest should be were your boxers start to show. Now, if you want to look like you just came out of prison, then wear them below your buttocks or as matter of fact down to your knees and see how attractive you look to women.

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