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How safe is the cargo hold for dogs?

I will be transporting my 2 Chihuahua鈥檚 from Kansas to Hawaii via the cargo hold of plane. Has anyone made this long of a trip with their small dogs and if so, how鈥檚 it go? I鈥檓 exceptionally nervous about it and just about to call off the whole move because I鈥檓 so scared something will happen to them in Cargo. Any thoughts would be appreciated.How safe is the cargo hold for dogs?
I can't stand the idea of it because if there are delays and they've already loaded the animals there stuck in the over heated cargo bay's. I won't do it I would rather drive 12 hours before I would load my dog in the under carriage of a plane. by the way I love to fly and can't stand to drive long distances.How safe is the cargo hold for dogs?
They usually can be taken on as carry on luggage and put under your seat. I would check into that because putting an animal in cargo can be very dangerous.
If they were a flat face breed like a pug, or frenchie, No way. In fact most smaller dogs You can transport in the place with you. Contact the Airline Find out What the weight restriction is and if they don't allow small dog Check with other airlines. We have Frenchies or French bulldogs. We are allowed one dog per person If we fly %26amp; take them,. Many pet outlets have what is called a Sherpa bag or something similar, If the Chi's are under 10's each you can acutally put 2 in one bag. or if 2 people going, on chi per person. When you take them YOu pay their flight when you get to the airport avg/ $50.-$75. per dog Depends on thew airlines %26amp; thier rules. Now I don't remember if HI has quarenteen or not. Where they ,eep the dogs so many days be fore releasing them but YOu need to find that out also. I for one will never ever fly a dog Cargo. no large or small. Some show people I know do it all the time fromPups to older dogs. Until the airlines change their cargo holds to have heat or cool iar No Way. If needed you might look into counter to countert. Where they go on the Freight airline. they are the last on the plane and the first off the plane. But the dogs are boarded %26amp; picked up at the Freight shipping not the commercial or passenger terminal. I hope this helps, for ones so small check with the different carriers. Hope this helps
I would put them in a single crate if possible and put them under the seat. Cargo holds are now climate controlled but it would be safer if you can keep them with you. If you do decide to put them in cargo, make absolutely sure the crate door(s) are secure and cannot come undone. You sure don't need for one of your dogs to get loose or lost.

You might consider shipping them on a special cargo plane rather than in the hold of a passenger flight. Delta does a great job. I've used them in the past and they are very helpful and cooperative.
It can be dangerous. Make sure the airline you choose has appropriate areas in cargo for pets.

They will need bedding in their crates to make sure they are warm enough.

Delta lost my dog once. He was found hours later in an empty plane in NJ. I was in Boston. it was terrible.

Another time, I was flying from Fl. to Ca. The pilot came on and said the heat had gone out in cargo and there was a dog on there. He was asking the passengers permission to make an unscheduled landing on the way to get the dog out. We had to raise our hands if we agreed. We did, but if we hadn't he would have had to continue and the dog would have died.

Can you fly them on the cabin with you? I would purchase an extra seat just to put them under it.

As long as your carrier can fit under the seat, you can take them in the cabin.
No it is very bad! Keep them under the seat with you because they are small. The cargo hold is hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, noisy, scary. Dogs hate it!
Small dogs can travel on board. At least with many major carriers. Cargo sucks.

Thats on board accompaniing you.
Not very safe. There have been cases of animals freezing to death and dying from over heating. The cargo is not climate controlled. Bad idea. Some airlines will consider them a carry-on if they are small enough. Call and find out.
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