Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is the best way to vent a cargo container?

My father recently purchased a class c cargo container (25 feet) to hold supplies. Being in Texas, the summers get very hot and we would like to get some ventilation in the container. It is fairly air tight as well when the doors are closed.

1st-What is the best/easiest way to cut through the steel?

2nd-how many cuts should we make to get a decent vent in it and where should we position the cuts?

3rd-what are the best types of vents to put in it? The wind blows fairly well so we do not necessarily need a fan or anything.

Thanks!What is the best way to vent a cargo container?
use a oxy acetylene torch cuz that steel is thick.. or try a reciprocating saw . but i think the blade will break.

get the two vents two at each end... and the circle vents u see in ware houses!

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