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What are the procedures of taking humain remains as cargo on a plane?

and where do they locate them?

thanksWhat are the procedures of taking humain remains as cargo on a plane?
You will have to have a Death Certificate to prove idenity, paperwork that is completed by the funeral home that the body has been prepared and embalmed, and is safe. You will also have to have to buy cargo space, set up agents to handle and transport the casket at each location, and if flying internationally, have to have an agent to handle all of the customs/duties/import and export ppwk for the casket with the body. It is easliy done, when the people doing the logistics know what they are doing, and who to ship caskets. Many funeral homes, especially in Muslim areas, offer shipping of caskets to the middle east for burial, and handle all of the transportation. The caskets are usually flown on all cargo aircraft, but and some larger commerical aircraft that sell cargo space for international flights. They are loaded and straped in the cargo areas on commerical pax planes, and for cargo a/c, are built up on ';cookie Sheets'; with netting and other freight and then the sheets are locked into the a/c .

Unless the body was that of a fallen soldier that was killed in combat. The US Miltary after a backlash from familes, now charter private aircraft to fly the casket back to the us, and then from their are delivered on private charters with unifomed soldiers to handle/offload the casket with respect to the familes that they are giving them too.What are the procedures of taking humain remains as cargo on a plane?鈥?/a>
You have to pay cargo charges, which are different from the charge for a ticket. Usually, a funeral home will be happy to make the arrangements for you, and they will roll the cost of transporting the remains into the price for their services.

Caskets travel in the belly of the plane, in the cargo hold. The regular luggage is kept in areas with netting to keep it in place, but caskets are a lot bigger than suitcases, so they are strapped down to keep them from moving around during the flight.

I hope that helps you with your questions.
Human remains are transported as cargo. Coffins are carried in the bulk cargo area at the very back, which has its own door (on the left) for loading oversize or non containerized items.
You have to check with each airline, each has its own rules. The remains travel in a coffin in the baggage/cargo area. There are different rules for ashes.

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