Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you think we should arm cargo ships to protect them from pirates?

Seriously, why not just blow their dumb asses out of the water before they reach the ships? Chum the waters with them.Do you think we should arm cargo ships to protect them from pirates?
Most insurance companies do not allow insured vessels to carry arms and many countries will not allow armed vessels to enter their ports. But this needs to change.

Given the number of hijackings in the Gulf of Aden, merchant ships should be allowed to have armed guards on board to deter pirates, and as many countries are being affected by the piracy plague off Somalia, they should be willing to modify their rules. The U.S. and other naval powers should not be asked to bear the cost of protecting foreign-flagged ships.

Times have changed and the rules must change with them. Merchant ships moving through the Gulf of Aden must be allowed to have armed guards to ward off would-be pirates.

The piracy would cease if the pirates knew that the ships they wanted to seize were armed and very capable of blowing them out of the water. An AK-47 is no match for a machine gun.Do you think we should arm cargo ships to protect them from pirates?
We shouldn't resort to using violence to stop those now intent on ';slaughtering'; American citizens... maybe when they board American ships with guns ablaze the sailors should reason with them or beg them to have mercy on them. I'm sure these Somalia pirates are reasonable people. %26lt;end sarcasm%26gt; Report Abuse

You have to look at both sides of the story. Pirates in Somalia are so poor they can't even afford to feed themselves, so they resort to piracy. Some Somalian pirates actually feel it is their duty to prtoect their waters, as it is here where they find there food, and many commercial fisherman have cleared all the fish from the waters
Good idea. Unfortunately arming ships in those waters is illegal at this time. It's sort of like gun control. You make all the law abiding people give up their firearms so that only the criminals have guns.

And if you ever figure out what sense that makes, give me a call because I sure as H3LL can't.
Ah, don't you love the American spirit. The way of fighting violence is with more guns. Let's just turn the whole world into a giant military base. After all, look at how successful the military has been in fighting violence and keeping the world peaceful. %26lt;end sarcasm%26gt;
Yes, I agree. Well trained and well armed security should be dispatched to accompany any ship forced to sail trough known pirating waters.

It absolutely baffles me these pirates are still alive.
What do you mean us..Ship security is up to those shipping companies to supply. But yes they do need extra security especially with the increase in piracy in African waters.

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