Monday, June 21, 2010

What is the world bigges cargo plane?

The world's largest heavy lift cargo aircraft is the Russian AN-224 ';Mriya';:

';The An-225 is quoted as having a maximum takeoff weight of over 1.3 million pounds (600,000 kg). The FAI gives credit for a slightly lower weight of 1.12 million pounds (508,200 kg), the record set by an An-225 in 1989 for the largest mass ever lifted by an airplane to an altitude of 6,500 ft (2,000 m). The An-225 was originally built to ferry the Soviet Buran space shuttle but it is now used to transport various outsize cargos. Only one example was ever completed, and it is currently available for charter flights through the British company Air Foyle. The An-225 is a cargo transport only and has never been used as an airliner.';

The next largest is the AN-124, which very narrowly beats out the similar C-5 Galaxy.What is the world bigges cargo plane?
AV8TRXX is right, its the Russian built Antonov.What is the world bigges cargo plane?
c5 hercules/galaxy maybe.

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