Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to escape a police helicopter chase with some cargo?

Hi. I just want to know what is the best way to escape a police helicopter aswell as pursuit cars with some cargo. I was told the best way to escape a chopper is a hayabusa, but it does not space for cargo.

If its a car what car is best for UK or any other vehicle.How to escape a police helicopter chase with some cargo?
uhm...go into woods....n make its day cuz they might us the inferelight camera in the dark...LOLHow to escape a police helicopter chase with some cargo?
I always thought about that one. Depends how big the cargo is, can it be carried. Is it worth ditching, ready to pick up at later date by someone else? I always believe, it is possible to escape the police. (of course they will say otherwise don't be fooled by their intimdation.) Multi-storey carparks, shopping centers busy city streets etc. Best to get on foot before full resources are onto you. Speed is the name of the game. (Back up is their strength counter it with speed of operation.) Get underground. Act calm %26amp; generate chaos %26amp; bring in innocent party for wrong trail. (look at Diana.) Into clothes store, grap clothes, sunglasses (hide the eyes.) Get changed walk straight out slipping secuirty guard 拢50 (diversion) or show your gun to stop any stupidty %26amp; walk out. Look for a big party of people as cover, underground station, back st etc. Fire one shot into the air after noting get away path (if onto you hard), in the chaos slip the gun into someone's pocket bag, be halve way across the UK before found, then dart into the underground or back street. You then have 24hrs to escape fully (%26amp; c.1hr for close area) before the police consult the C.C.T.V. %26amp; have resources. However you would already be outside the first 4mile iron curtain they set up. (arrogant fools.) The skill is to get out before reinforcement, act calm, do as necessary, mould in %26amp; speed of operation. Good luck the fuzz need a kick in the b...s for their arrogance %26amp; bully behaviour against law abiding citizens.
Well, sense most people don't practice highspeed pursuit driving, I would say you are a fool. You can drive fast, you can turn quick, but no one can out run radio waves.

Police drive in pursuit situations and practice them all the time. It's our ability to drive and provide other units descriptions over the radio that allows us to catch people.

Remember, if you crash, cause someone to crash or hurt someone, you will be charged with that crime too.
8mm assualt rifle kill the pilot
use underground or multistory carparks
the only way to escape a police helicopter is to be on the open highway in a car that will do about 200 mph. but since you can't travel faster than radio waves you might as well pullover because if you do leave the helicopter in your rear view mirror there will surely be some officers waiting ahead with stop sticks.

don't run from the cops, it only makes things worst for yourself and puts them in jeopardy greater than they already are.
Plan your crime better so the helicopter isn't an issue. but if it is, (and I'm guessing the logistics of your cargo) have 5 or more vehicles in a tunnel, do a swift swap into one of them, using the rest as decoys, and drive round until you lose said chopper. get all cars to repeat this with more cars and you're home dry. Do i have to plan everything?! ;-)
a motorcycle is the best
if you are not hauling alot, the sunbeam tiger is a agile and fast car to get away in. find places that have overgrowth that can obscure the vision of the helly.
What a great question!!! :) are u nuts? if so look into a Abrams tank i hear they are on sale on ebay. :) plus im sure you could put some cargo in there just take out the shells and guns and ur set. U might want to look into a turbo or a supercharger or its like a turtle chase :) goodluck my crazy friend :)
Forget it babe you will never do it.
Sounds like you will be going down the wrong road whichever vehicle you get.
have a waiting car in a tunnel. Switch in the tunnel, quickly.
What an absurd question? I am always surprised when people ask advice - from perfect strangers, no less - on how to commit crimes. If you are seriously asking for advice on such a matter, you need to rethink committing this crime since you do not seem to be intelligent enough to ';pull it off';. If you are asking for advice in order to ';plot a story'; you are writing, you again need to rethink your career.
It not car it is gun, you neet good sniper rifel wait till helicopter hover, shoot pilet, it soon buger of or crashing, you need practis at ranges of over won mile, Surface to air missile vere good alos, mi cusin can get in mi cuntery if prise rite, chek SAM on Ebay, but not avail in UK.
Switch on the Invisibilty Booster

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